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Concha y Toro wine-Chile

July’s book review “The Last Days of The Incas” by Kim MacQuarrie

As a Peruvian I was very curious to find out what this book had to offer, after all, the topic

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Digital books from South America to the World

This is the first time we are presenting all our digital books in one single post. We are passionate about

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On the preservation and nature of paleo-surfaces and their associated deposits along the Pacific Flank of the Peruvian Andes

The westward-tilted erosion surfaces along the Pacific slope have a significantly greater amount of preserved volcanic deposits to the south

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Peru Andean flora at 4,800 meters in the Cordillera Occidental

The Peruvian Andes has very distinct biozones that vary by elevation in the Andes. Peru encompasses the hyper-arid Sechura Desert

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May’s book review: Patagonian Road – A year alone through Latin America by Kate McCahill

Beginning this book called Patagonian Road I was at first excited, after all the cover features a dirt road curving

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North meets South Kuchen inspired blueberry filled cheesecake

The south of Chile for us represents the best of this country. It was on our road trip we learned

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For the past six years we have been avid fans of Malbec wine from Mendoza, Argentina. This love affair began

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Raimondi- the Man of Peru

Antonio Raimondi (1824-1890) is Peru’s foremost geographer who was known for his extensive travels through the country documenting many aspects

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